Why Upstairs

Upstairs is the specialist in staircase renovation and repairs. We work on each existing staircase, whether it’s made of concrete, natural stone, steel or wood: with our craftsmanship, we will give your staircase a brand-new look.

Stempel Ready in one day EN Almost always ready in one day: get a durable staircase without any hacking and slashing! We will give your interior a metamorphosis, with guaranteed Upstairs top quality.
Stempel Decors and patents EN For Upstairs Staircase Renovations, renovating decors and developing new applications for staircase renovation is a continued process. This has resulted in various patents and exclusive decors that are only available to Upstairs. You as a customer are guaranteed an original Upstairs Staircase Renovations product of the best quality.
Stempel Trendleader EN We stay up to date on home and living trends, and translate these into new designs and colour schemes for our staircases. To make the initial selection a bit easier, Upstairs Staircase Renovations has subdivided its range into four home styles: classic, contemporary, modern and rustic.
Stempel 10-years warranty EN Stairs are used a lot. That makes it extra important for your staircase to be able to withstand wear and tear. We only use absolute top-quality materials. Furthermore, as an extra service we also give a 10-year warranty on wear and tear and construction. We give a 10-year warranty on construction for our Sturdy-chic line. Wear and tear is desired for the right look and feel.
Stempel Craftsmen EN We work with the best materials and do all of our own manufacturing. Staircase renovations are also done by our very own craftsmen. They have all had product-oriented training, so they work according to the exact Upstairs norms. This is the only way we can guarantee the quality that you may expect from us.
Stempel Ecological awareness EN Upstairs Staircase Renovations is not only the absolute number 1 in staircase renovations; we also see ourselves as pioneers in awareness and taking care of our planet. Throughout the years, we have taken both small measures (like minimal use of paper; turning off lights where possible, etc.) and large measures (such as changes to our production process and strict selection of production materials). This has enabled us to minimise our ecological footprint. Upstairs Staircase Renovations is proud of its corporate social responsibility!
Stempel Various payment options EN Upstairs Staircase Renovations offers various payment options, including delayed payment. Our adviser would be happy to inform you on the options.
Stempel Heat resistant EN We use glue to renovate your staircases. This glue is incredibly strong and will provide durable adhesion. The glue can withstand high temperatures, so installing spotlights and any heat resulting from that will not result in any problems.
Stempel Mites and dust free EN Are you allergic to dust and/or house dust mites? Upstairs staircases have surfaces that can easily be kept dust-free and clean. Regular cleaning and ventilation contribute to a better environment in your household.
Stempel Washable EN An Upstairs staircase is easy to maintain. The materials are moisture-resistant and dirt can be removed using ‘Upstairs Remover’. For regular maintenance, we recommend wiping down your staircase with a soft, moist towel. Our Sturdy-chic line comprises natural products, which require a certain type of maintenance.