Classic staircase renovation

A classic staircase made from wood will really complete your classic or country interior. Nothing looks as natural and charming as classic, wooden stairs. Now you can steep your interior in class too. Upstairs is the specialist in renovating classic staircases. We will be pleased to help get you on track with advice on colours and materials. Are you ready to immerse yourself in the exciting world of staircase renovation? Here we go then!

Classic stairs – an overview of the possibilities

Are you curious about what you can do with a classic staircase in your home? At Upstairs, we know that every interior – and so every staircase – is different. That is why we are pleased to help you renovate your stairs and everything else that is involved. For instance, which covering should you choose for classic stairs?

Wooden stairs – classic through and through!

Nothing surpasses the natural and thoroughly warm look of wood. So, make sure you consider wooden staircase covering when you renovate a classic staircase. A staircase in dark oak looks great in a classic interior, while a light-coloured pine staircase blends in well with modern interiors. Discover all of the classic, wooden staircase coverings by Upstairs in our World Collection!

A classic staircase is a chic staircase

Do you want a classic staircase that immediately stands out because of its eye-catching materials? Then choose a classic staircase covering in stylish leather. As you use the staircase more and more, your leather staircase covering will acquire a weathered look. Furthermore, this looks splendid in classic interiors that may exude a hint of nonchalance.

Renovating classic stairs? Then call Upstairs!

Are your old stairs due a make-over but you would rather not have any cutting or building work in your house? Contact us and get no-obligation advice on the possibilities with classic stairs.