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How many staircases have you already renovated?

Around 75,000 staircases in over 25 years. Of course, this number is increasing every day!

I would like more information about the staircases on TV.

After every programme, you find out more on our website about the Upstairs staircase that was installed and the programme.

I would like to receive a brochure. Is that possible?

You will receive a brochure when you make an appointment with an adviser.

How can I recognise an Upstairs staircase renovation?

You can naturally recognise an Upstairs staircase from the Upstairs logo that is attached to the staircase. However, the backs of our steps in the World Collection also have the Upstairs Original logo.

Do you have various establishments?

Our main establishment is located in Weert (Limburg) and our second establishment is located in Hoogeveen.

How large is the company?

Over 100 motivated craftsmen work at Upstairs.

How long has Upstairs existed?

Upstairs was formed in 1997 by Jan and Trea Steyvers. The company has worked exclusively on staircase renovations since 1999.

What is the difference between a DIY product and an Upstairs Staircase Renovation?

The greatest difference is the scratch and wear resistance of the steps. All our materials in the World Collection are manufactured at our own facilities and come with the Upstairs Original Top Layer, which allows us to guarantee absolute top quality.

We provide knowledge and craftsmanship to create a genuine Upstairs staircase. All our fitters have been professionally trained, they work with the best tools and have a good eye for detail. That is why we believe that it is almost impossible for your to renovate your staircase yourself.

What is the added value of an Upstairs staircase?

The most significant added value is that you will never again have to do any major maintenance work on your staircase. Other solutions to neaten up your staircase, such as painting or covering it with a carpet, are only temporary. With an Upstairs staircase, you only need to wipe a damp cloth over the stairs to get the steps clean and looking good again. If you choose an Upstairs Staircase Renovation, you are choosing a sustainable product that will last for years under normal usage!

Are your materials fireproof?

Our materials are fire retardant.

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