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Why are we unable to give you a price in advance?

There are many choices involved with an Upstairs Staircase Renovation. The condition of your staircase is important, but the construction, width and depth also play a significant role in determining the price. That is why we are unable to give you an indication of the price in advance.

Are their price differences in the various collections?

Yes. Upstairs has two collections: the World Collection and the Sturdy-Chic collection.

The Sturdy-Chic collection was designed by Dutch designer Bertram Beerbaum. This collection is finished with genuine leather and steel. These natural materials mean that your staircase will be living, in a manner of speaking. This is something you have to accept if you choose a staircase from the Sturdy-Chic collection. There are also price variations within the collections. The price is determined by the choice of materials, your preferences and the finish.

What is the price exactly based on?

The price depends on many factors, such as the type and condition of your staircase. However, the price is determined above all by your preferences. For instance, would you like LED lighting in your staircase and would you like side pieces? Or would you like straight flight of steps? You have to make a huge number of choices when you have your staircase renovated which means that prices can vary considerably.

What does a staircase renovation cost?

We never specify a price and there is a reason for this. In order to determine a price, we depend on the condition of your staircase. The width and depth of your staircase and your personal preferences play an important role in calculating a price. That is why we adopt a service in which an adviser visits you to measure the staircase and provide you with advice. Once our adviser has measured everything, he or she will be able to tell you precisely how much your dream staircase will cost. It is then up to you how to proceed.

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