Frequently Asked Questions about: Staircases

How should I care for the staircase?

You can find information and materials to care your new Upstairs staircase in the maintenance kit. You will receive this kit from our fitters once they have ‘delivered’ the staircase to you.

What kind of material do you use on a staircase?

We work with various materials in different collections. Our adviser will be pleased to tell you more about these!

Our staircase is creaky. Can you solve this?

We can partially remove the creakiness by using our special adhesive. However, we are unable to guarantee this 100%.

Does it absorb noise?

Yes. Our fitters use an adhesive that has been specially developed by Upstairs. One of the properties of this adhesive is that it forms air chambers when it is applied. These air chambers enable it to absorb the noise of footsteps on your staircase.

Is the material smooth?

The steps in the World Collection may feel smooth, but they are finished with an Upstairs Original Top Layer. This top layer includes an aluminium alloy that makes the steps rigid when they are under pressure. Naturally, you should always take care on a staircase.

What are your options for finishes?

In addition to the steps and risers, we can also renovate the sides of your staircase wall and cover the landing or quarter landing and banister. Make sure you do not forget the handrail or banister. Our adviser will be pleased to help you with these choices.

Do you also renovate outdoor staircases?

No, we only renovate indoor staircases.

Is it possible to have LED lighting in an open staircase?

Yes, it is. Ask our adviser about the options.

Can my landing be included in the same decor?

Yes, it can, but only if it is combined with a staircase renovation. Our adviser will be pleased to discuss the options with you!

Can a closed staircase be opened?

Yes, it can. However, we advise against this due to the construction and safety of the staircase.

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