Modern staircase renovation in keeping with the latest trends

A modern staircase goes well with a modern interior. It has the no-frillsclean look that is part of this kind of minimalist designer interior. Are you looking for a modern staircase that fits perfectly with your clean interior? Upstairs will be pleased to take care of this!

A dream modern staircase

Every modern staircase looks different, fortunately. It all depends on the style of the interior where your stairs belong. The key words for modern staircases are ‘light’, ‘space’ and ‘linear pattern’. In between these, the options are endless.

Your modern staircase is not just part of your house, but an interior object in its own right.

Renovating modern stairs – a look at the trends

The specialists at Upstairs keep a close eye on trends in staircases. Do you want advice on the materials and design of leading styles of modern staircases? Then you have come to the right place at Upstairs, as we are the specialist in staircase renovation.

Here is a selection from our range:

  • Modern staircases with a warm wood look (Silver Pine, Silver Oak and Vintage Oak, Capitol Pine, Sun Maple, etc.) – discover our popular World Collection. Here you will also find other modern decors such as: Solid Black, Cloudy Cement, Leather Look and many others.
  • Modern staircases with a striking, sturdy appearance – choose our audacious Sturdy-Chic collection. In this collection, steel and leather play leading roles.

Numerous options for renovating your modern staircase at Upstairs

Looking for a brand-new, modern staircase? Our advisers will be pleased to visit you at home to discuss the options, at no charge and with no obligation. Together, we will look at which colours and which finishes best suit your interior. For instance, do you want the risers in the same colour as the steps or would you prefer them in white or stainless steel? Or do you want a side board or stair stringers? Upstairs will renovate your stairs in exactly the way you want!

Do you want more information on renovating modern stairs?

Do you have any other questions? Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can look at the possibilities together!