Extremely Off Black


Robust leather which varies from dark grey to black. Suitable for any interior. If you combine this with risers in the same leather, it gives a warm and natural appearance that is also chic. It is no coincidence that this was the most popular Sturdy-Chic decor among the stylists at interior design store Vtwonen.

Natural product

The leather we use comes from the Indian water buffalo. The animals spend their entire life in the wild and scrapes with other animals and barbed wire leave traces behind in their hide. These ‘traces’ are natural proof of the authenticity of the leather and mean that each piece of leather varies in colour. This makes every leather staircase unique!

Surprisingly eye-catching

The key words for the Study-chic line are robust, rugged and surprising. The line uses authentic materials that combine with all types of interiors. We process this product by combining it with other materials to emphasise the sturdy appearance. For instance, steel combined with coarse leather that can resist a knock or two. You have to be able to walk on it, but at the same time realise that this can damage the leather. It is precisely this ‘damage’ which gives the staircase a worn look!

gesloten grijze trap traprenovatie vtwonen stoer chique off black

Unique features

  • Amazingly attractive
  • Unique product (every hide is different)
  • Fireproof
  • Study and chic at the same time