Blended Cement


The Blended Cement decor is a sturdy, blended dark grey decor with a clear concrete structure. Real concrete is cold to the touch and is not user-friendly. This decor does look like concrete, but it does not have these drawbacks. Blended Cement has a structure with a rough finish and is very easy to maintain.

Traprenovatie Betonlook Blended Cemenet
Traprenovatie vtwonen Lelystad Blended Cement

Interior style

This sturdy decor, with its natural concrete structure, fits well in a sleek, sturdy and industrial interior. For an even more sturdy whole, cover your staircase and the risers with this decor, giving you the effect of a real concrete staircase, or choose a twist and combine this decor with Steeltwist.

Long-lasting solution

You use your staircase frequently, so it has to be resistant to wear. Upstairs Staircase Renovation only uses top quality materials. Our expert staff can renovate almost any staircase, whether it is made of wood, concrete, steel or natural stone. Our staircase covering, which is fitted over the existing steps, is made of very durable materials. The result is a maintenance-free staircase, which you never need to sand or paint. It is anti-slip too, with the natural appearance of wood!

Unique features

  • Known from TV (vtwonen)
  • Trendy
  • Scratch and wear-resistant
  • Maintenance friendly