Mississippi Pine


The Mississippi Pine decor has a robust, handcrafted appearance! This decor does not have any relief, but it does show pronounced knots and grain which means that no two steps are alike. It brings your staircase to life through the rough and rugged tree markings on the steps. It is a worthy addition to any interior!

Interior style

The rough, natural appearance of this decor looks best in country settings. A solid staircase in Mississippi Pine gives a natural feeling without the drawbacks of this natural product. White risers combine perfectly with this solid decor and make the steps stand out. Mississippi Pine is the decor most chosen by Upstairs customers!

Long-lasting solution

Your staircase gets a lot of use and so it should also be able to withstand wear and tear. Upstairs only uses the best quality materials. Our experts are able to renovate almost any staircase, whether it is made from wood, concrete, steel or natural stone. The step covers that we fit on top of your existing steps are made from extremely hard-wearing materials. The result is a maintenance-free staircase that you never have to sand or paint again. Anti-slip and with a natural wood look!

Unique features

  • The most chosen decor!!
  • Highest resistance to wear and tear
  • Easy to maintain
  • 25 years of craftsmanship