Your staircase has been renovated, but the old banister no longer matches the new, custom-made staircase. Upstairs has the solution: as the supplier of the whole new look for your hallway, we will complete your staircase renovation with a nice handrail and/or banister and matching lighting.

Upstairs handrails and banisters are all:

– Made from high-quality materials

– Low-maintenance: no periodic lacquering or paintwork

– Easy to clean

– High-quality finished

– Combine safety and absolute beauty

– Sleek, modern and timeless designs

Do you want a wooden handrail and/or banister?
Upstairs can install your handrail in solid wood, even in the decor of your staircase. Available in three varieties:

– round

– square

– keyhole

Banisters are available in a range of different varieties. Our adviser would be happy to inform you on the options.

Contact us to make an appointment. Our staff would be happy to speak with you!