Blackboard risers

Personalise your staircase

We all like to have our favourite sayings and quotes around the house, it’s something you can’t avoid. Whether they’re on wall stickers, posters or in frames, sayings and quotes have become hot items in interior design. A favourite saying or quote gives a personal touch to your interior. Every time you walk past them, they will give you a hit of positivity!  Not only will they make you happy, they will also give your guests a good feeling. As the number 1 company for staircase renovation, naturally we cannot let this trend pass us by!

Blackboard risers

How fun would it be to use a daily object, such as the stairs that you go up and down various times each day, as a source of inspiration? You can do this now, with the Blackboard risers from Upstairs. You can put kind words, sayings, reminders or just a nice drawing by your child, directly onto your stairs!

And if you don’ feel like having any distractions or slogans, then just wipe the risers clean and you’re left with clean black risers. This is also attractive and even gives your steps a ‘floating’ effect!

A wide choice of risers at Upstairs

When you have a staircase renovation from Upstairs, you can choose risers in a wide range of colours and decors. In addition to blackboard risers, we also offer: