Your stair handrail or banister from Upstairs

Does your old stair handrail or banister no longer go well with your new, renovated staircase? At Upstairs, we always look at the big picture of a staircase renovation. Stair handrails and banisters are also part of this.

Characteristics of stair handrails and banisters from Upstairs

A stair handrail from Upstairs guarantees quality and long life. Our stair handrails and banisters are:

  • manufactured from high-quality materials
  • low-maintenance – no need to paint or varnish
  • easy to clean
  • finished right down to the last detail
  • safe
  • versatile – clean, modern and timeless designs

Wooden stair handrail or stainless steel stair handrail?

There is a stair handrail to suit every style of interior. Which do you prefer? A stair handrail in wood or a stair handrail in inox/stainless steel?

Wooden stair handrail

There’s nothing like the natural look of wood and that applies for both your staircase and your stair handrail. Our specialists will effortlessly fit your wooden stair handrail in the same decor as your renovated staircase. Our wooden handrails are available in three styles:

  • circular handrails
  • square handrails
  • keyhole handrails

Furthermore, you can also choose from:

  • banister with straight, wooden spindles
  • banister with turned spindles
  • banister with cross-cut spindles

Stainless steel handrail

Do you want to give your staircase a hyper-modern, clean look? Then choose a staircase handrail in stainless steel. We can complete your staircase renovation with an inox/stainless steel handrail, available in three models:

  • All-round: a rounded, stainless steel handrail with a timeless look
  • Rectangle: a modern, rectangular, stainless steel handrail
  • Square: a clean, square, stainless steel handrail

Stair handrail in blue steel – sturdy and chic

Neither a wooden handrail or a stainless steel handrail, this handrail in blue steel is a bit different to most other handrails. This is really something for anyone who dares to be different with their handrail. It is an entirely contemporary trend and gives an industrial look to your staircase! This extremely sturdy material will give your stair handrail a sturdy, yet chic look. Blue steel stair handrails are available in various finishes:

  • ‘Extremely smooth’ handrail
  • ‘Extremely contoured’ handrail
  • ‘Extremely rounded’ handrail
  • Handrail with hand-stitched leather (which you can combine with the coloured leather in the Sturdy-Chic collection)

Do you need advice about your stair handrail or banister?

At Upstairs, we have a solution to suit every interior. Would you like to arrange an appointment? Please contact us! Our staff will be pleased to answer your questions.