Stairs with an industrial look – extra uses

Steel is being increasingly used to give interiors a sturdy, industrial look. Once again, Upstairs is keeping up with trends. Since 2011, we have been using blue steel as a staircase covering in the Sturdy-Chic collection – designed by Bertram Beerbaum, – or in a steel and leather combination. Now even more uses are possible!

Steeltwist: your stairs with a steel look

Now you can combine every Upstairs decor with Steeltwist! When used this way, the front side of the step is provided with blue steel nosing (edging) and the steps are given an inlay with your preferred decor from the World Collection.  This makes the ends of the steps more visible and easier to feel which means that you automatically place your feet more firmly on the steps.

Give every staircase a sturdy twist with Steeltwist!

You can combine Steeltwist with all styles of interiors. The basic, sturdy, romantic and even classic styles in the World Collection are perfectly suited to Steeltwist. Our adviser will be pleased to tell you about the options available.