What determines the cost of a staircase renovation?

What does staircase renovation cost? It’s a question we’re often asked, but which is not easy to answer. Staircase renovation costs depend on many factors. Here are some of the main ones.

Staircase renovation = bespoke advice

Every staircase is different and everyone has their own ideas, which is why you need bespoke advice at your home. When we determine the cost of your staircase renovation, it firstly depends on the type and condition of your current staircase. The construction, width and depth of your staircase as well as your personal preferences are very important for calculating the cost.

This is also why we offer you our unique service where an adviser from Upstairs visits your house to look at your current situation and discuss the many options.

Staircase renovation costs – the most important factors

During your personal meeting with the adviser, he or she will bring along many different samples and decors so that you and your partner can determine which colour, styles and options best suit your new staircase and interior.

Whether you have a steel, metal, wooden or concrete staircase, we will be pleased to guide you through this process. For instance, would you like to cover the stair stringers or have the risers in a contrasting colour to the steps? Or would you like LED lighting in the steps or along the side of the staircase? You can even have a handrail in the same decor! That’s right, there are many choices to be made.

Want to renovate your staircase? Use our expertise

We need to take a critical look at how much work is involved if we renovate your staircase. This is as important as reaching the right price since your preferences for your new staircase will also determine the costs involved (colour, model and/or finish).

Once our adviser has measured up your staircase, he or she will be able to tell you precisely how much your dream staircase will cost and then you can decide how to proceed!

Are you curious about the many options for your staircase? Then contact us to make a personal appointment with one of our advisers!