About Upstairs

In 1997, husband and wife Jan and Trea Steyvers started an all-round renovation business in Budel, North Brabant, on the border between the Netherlands and Belgium. Their focus was on renovating home interiors such as kitchens and doors. After requests came in from consumers to renovate their staircases, the company quickly expanded their range to include staircase renovation services. Since 1999, the family business has focussed on staircase renovations under the name Upstairs Staircase Renovation. Our main office is located in Weert, in Limburg, the Netherlands. Our work area spans all of the Netherlands and Belgium.

Craftsmanship and experience

Craftsmanship is very important to our family business. The Upstairs Staircase Renovation team consists of very experienced, professional employees, with a major focus on service and an eye for quality. An Upstairs staircase renovation should feel like a party to a satisfied customer.

Product range and service

In addition to staircase renovations, the range has been expanded to include handrails, banisters and lighting. Opting for Upstairs service is opting for a fitting alternative to installing a whole new staircase. You can have an entirely renovated staircase within the span of one day without the hassle of hacking and slashing. All our materials meet the strictest quality and safety requirements. You will receive a standard ten-year warranty certificate upon completion.

The advantages of Upstairs Staircase Renovation

  • custom work for all existing staircases
  • also available for open and even concrete and steel staircases
  • durable and low-maintenance
  • no hacking and slashing, no mess
  • fits every interior
  • done in just one day!
  • carried out by our own, specially trained professionals
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The Upstairs Step-by-Step Plan

Prior to each staircase renovation, an Upstairs advisor will visit your home to assess the situation. With a number of examples, he will show you the many options in atmosphere, material, colour, models and finishing. You can always select the staircase that best fits in your interior.

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