If you would like something different to a wood grain pattern, then this is the decor for you! The Leather decor has the exciting appearance of leather and is particularly inviting. One of its advantages is that this smooth decor is scratch and wear resistant. This means that it keeps its leather look even after years of intensive use. It is really eye-catching in a house!

Interior style

This sturdy decor is completely at home in a modern or cosmopolitan interior style. Your house is anything but neutral, so the staircase should also attract attention! Would you like a leather staircase without the drawbacks of a natural product? Then choose a staircase fully finished in Leather. You will even find a staircase in this decor in the Vtwonen show house.

Long-lasting solution

Your staircase gets a lot of use and so it should also be able to withstand wear and tear. Upstairs only uses the best quality materials. Our experts are able to renovate almost any staircase, whether it is made from wood, concrete, steel or natural stone. The step covers that we fit on top of your existing steps are made from extremely hard-wearing materials. The result is a maintenance-free staircase that you never have to sand or paint again. Anti-slip and with a natural wood look!

Unique features

  • Chosen by stylists at Vtwonen
  • Highest resistance to wear and tear
  • Easy to maintain
  • 25 years of craftsmanship