Earth Collection risers

You could opt for risers from our Earth Collection. This collection was specially compiled by our stylists. In that process, they look at current trends and the decors in our product range. They decided to opt for six earthy tones that perfectly match the various decors from our World collection, but which can also be nicely paired with the decors in our Sturdy-Chic collection. We are pleased to inform you about them:

Earth Collectie - Snow


Light & Fresh
Snow is a bright, white color that provides a fresh look. By choosing Snow as a riser, your stairs look light and you create contrast in your interior.



Fresh and calm
The light gray color Silt brings tranquility and provides a neutral base, making it easy to combine with other colours.



Dark and powerful
Coal is a dark color, almost black. This sturdy and powerful color comes into its own with our dark decors. Black is and remains stylish, including for your stairs!


Natural and cool
The color Clay is characterized by the combination of cool gray with a natural brown color.


Atmospheric brown
The color Truffle is an intense brown color. The color is timeless and provides an attractive shade in the interior.



Earthy and warm
The sand-colored Sand is a warm and cheerful color. A color that revolves around nature and simplicity.

Close-ups images with 3D renderings for inspiration

To get an impression of how the colors from the Earth Collection fit with the various stair coverings, we would like to give you more inspiration on the basis of these moodboards and examples.

A wide choice of risers at Upstairs

With a staircase renovation from Upstairs, you can choose risers in a wide range of colours and decors. In addition to these risers from the Earth Collection, we also offer risers in the same decor as the steps.

Did you know that this Earth Collection also includes handrails?
That will add the finishing touch to your staircase renovation and create a warm and atmospheric look.