Closed staircase renovation

A closed staircase may look less transparent than an open staircase but it is slightly safer. This is not insignificant when, for instance, you have small children walking around the house. A closed staircase is great for anyone who likes a compact, robust look. Do you want to give your closed staircase a look that perfectly blends with your interior? This is something we know all about at Upstairs!

Covering closed staircases – safe and versatile

Give your closed staircase a new look. Did you know that it takes just a day? If you choose a staircase renovation, you will enter a world of possibilities for restyling your closed staircase. Don’t know which style best suits your interior? Find inspiration in these examples of beautiful closed staircases on our blog:

  • Closed staircase with a sturdy look – choose a combination of blue steel and concrete.
  • Want to make your closed staircase extra safe? The trick is to use an anti-slip staircase covering.
  • If you’re after a closed staircase with a hint of nonchalance, leather staircase covering is hipper than ever.
  • If you want to give your closed staircase an audacious effect – choose a black staircase covering.

Closing an open staircase

Do you have an open staircase, but would rather have a closed staircase for safety reasons or just because you think a closed staircase looks better? That’s no problem at all! Closing an open staircase is one of our specialities at Upstairs. Here are a few advantages. We close your open staircase without any demolition work and the new closed staircase will ensure that you lose less heat. Lastly, we do all of this in accordance with your design preferences.

Renovating a closed staircase?

Do you want to renovate your closed staircase into a staircase with a totally new look, in the interior style of your choice? Our specialists know exactly how to tackle this type of staircase renovation. Contact us for no-obligation advice about renovating your closed staircase!

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