Open staircase renovation

An open staircase is the centrepiece of your interior. Since open staircases do not have risers, you can just look straight through them. This transparent effect permeates your interior – it creates peace and clarity. It’s ideal for clean, modern interiors but just as good in classic surroundings.

Covering an open staircase – a real eye-catcher in any house

Since an open staircase attracts attention in your hall or living room, you should always look after it. So, solid materials and a top-class finish are essential. Is your staircase due a refresh? Then have it renovated. Renovation can usually be done in a day and it creates an open staircase that looks new. Choose whichever staircase covering best suits your open staircase – dark oak, natural Wengé, steel, concrete or leather. Everything is possible, from a lovely white to a bold, black staircase and everything in between. You choose which parts of your open staircase are covered:

  • Covering an open staircase on one side – only the top of the step is covered.
  • Covering an open staircase on two sides – the step is covered all around.
  • Closing an open staircase – the stairs are fitted with risers which closes the staircase.

Closing an open staircase

An open staircase is not as safe as a closed staircase. So, an open staircase is often a hindrance for families with small children, the older people or people with a disability. This is no problem. At Upstairs Staircase Renovation we can turn an open staircase into a closed staircase – in fact, this is one of our specialisations.

Renovating an open staircase?

Do you have a steel spiral staircase or a spiral staircase with huge wooden steps? We can also renovate these types of open staircases and fully tailor them to your interior and preferences. Upstairs can renovate almost every type of staircase.

Are you curious about the options for your open staircase? Contact us for no-obligation advices!

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