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At Upstairs Staircase Renovation, we manufacture our steps in our own facilities. This not only means that Upstairs is able to guarantee the best quality, but also that our materials and decors are exclusive. Your staircase gets a lot of use so it needs to be able to withstand wear and tear. We can provide a suitable solution, whether your staircase is made from wood, concrete or stone.



So, your stairs have been renovated, but your old stair handrail no longer combines with your new, bespoke staircase. Upstairs has a solution for this. As a supplier of a total new look for your hall, we can complete your staircase renovation with a lovely stair handrail or banister and even a stair handrail in the same decor!



Upstairs is a trendsetter in stair lighting for use in and around your staircase and offers you a wide range of options! Not only does LED lighting let you create an atmospheric setting, it is also practical to be able to safely use the staircase in the dark. Of course, all LED lighting is energy efficient and it is also available with remote control.

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