Staircase renovation

Is your staircase worn, no longer fit for purpose or are you just looking for a change? Then you have come to the right place! Upstairs is a family business and also the inventor and exclusive developer of the stair renovation product. Since 1997, we have been working daily on the renovation and updating of staircases. This extensive experience has made Upstairs the only true market leader. Around 65,000 customers think so too which has made Upstairs the number one in staircase renovation.

Exclusive for Upstairs customers

We never sit still at Upstairs Staircase Renovation. Updating decors and devising new applications for staircase renovation is a constant process. We know what makes a good staircase and we use this knowledge to develop new concepts. Over the years this has led to various patents and our own range of products. As a result, we have exclusive decors that are only available for Upstairs customers. Our adviser will be pleased to show you all of them!

A durable solution for your staircase

Your staircase gets a lot of use and so it should also be able to withstand wear and tear. A staircase renovation by Upstairs is a durable solution that only uses the best quality materials. A unique feature is that all of the materials are manufactured in our own facilities. We guarantee top quality by using our own production line and through continual quality checks.

Staircase Renovation: something for everyone

Every staircase is different, which means that every staircase renovation is different too. After all, Upstairs staircases are custom made! Our professionals are able to renovate almost any staircase. We can provide a suitable solution, whether your staircase is made from wood, concrete, steel, natural stone or is open or closed. Would you prefer a modern staircase, a basic or sturdy design or a romantic and classic style? Find your inspiration in the many options offered by Upstairs that combine with any interior. Are you curious about how your staircase might look after it has been renovated by Upstairs? Here is a selection of our staircase renovations!

Upstairs Staircase Renovation provides bespoke advice

One of our advisers will inspect your current staircase before any staircase renovation. He or she will bring along all of the swatches and decors too, so that you can look through the various options with your partner. As soon as our adviser has measured up your staircase, he or she will be able to tell you precisely how much your dream staircase will cost and then you can decide how to proceed.

Discover our collection in the interior style catalogue by Upstairs Staircase Renovation.

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Witte houten dichte trap traprenovatie ledverlichting
Witte houten trap traprenovatie wereldcollectie capitol pine amersfoort EN